Osteopathy – babies and children

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Osteopathy treatment for babies and children

Why would you need to treat babies and children?

Osteopath treatments for babies and children - babies go through huge compressive forces during the birth process. It is often considered to be one of the most stressful events of our life!

Babies heads are quite resilient and accommodate this process by tucking the chin down and presenting the smallest diameter to the birth canal, the soft bones of the skull can overlap to help with this. Crying and sucking usually help to rebalance the head. There are many factors that can cause strains at this time and osteopathy may help to relieve these strain patterns.

A study by fellow osteopath, Clive Hayden, described that parents perceived a reduction in colic symptoms, improved sleep patterns and less irritability following treatment.

As children grow and develop their bodies change. They may have falls or experience strains due to their posture. These can cause aches and pains that may be helped with treatment.